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Privacy and Security

Your safety first!

We strive to provide you with the fast and convenient banking experience you expect, while applying advanced security measures to protect your financial and personal data.

We protect you against fraud and hacking.

E-Fast Service ® devotes many resources (money, people and technology) to the fight against fraud and the means by which our customers can protect themselves. We care about the people who use our services. They work hard to make a living and that's why we fight fraud and educate them about the different types of consumer fraud, so they can protect themselves against it. By working with the media and consumer groups to educate consumers, we can prevent unsuspecting people from being scammed.

Privacy and Security

Do you think you have been the victim of fraud? Contact us.

If you believe you have been the victim of fraud or a scam, it is important that you report it to us immediately. Call our fraud team anytime at +44 7477 171594 or email us at: contact@e-fastservice.com.